Trekking in India

Trekking in India is the best way of understanding India, a land with beauty of contrasts. From easy, moderate to strenuous, trek can take any grade depending on your trekking destinations and you abilities to cope with the difficulties as per your abilities. Whether it is a trek through Milam Glacier or Kinnaur Kailash or Zanskar region or Kanchanjunga area or Markha Valley, you are in for an experience that lasts a lifetime. No matter where you go to attain ultimate trekking experience, besides quenching your thirst for adventure India also overwhelms your senses   with its untamed beauty of cliffs and villages. Traditional cuisine will seduce your taste buds and inspire you to celebrate the bounty and goodness of life itself. Unsurpassed beauty, ancient culture, hearty cuisine and fresh mountain air offer absolute solitude and grandeur. Keeping in line with your interest, our trekking packages are specially customized to give you the true essence of India.